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PATERNITY INC is no offer Pre-Natal Testing.  

Our Dallas Paternity and DNA testing center is located at: 10935 Estate Lane, Suite S-116, Dallas, Tx 75238. Our Dallas Paternity office only conducts appointments for Pre-Natal Testing on Friday's from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. This is our only office that provides Pre-Natal testing.

For an appointment please call: 214-854-0150.

Paternity, Inc. of Dallas is determined to provide answers to people through DNA testing. The accuracy of our results and our affordable rates allows everyone the opportunity to get results they may need. Our professional staff is waiting to help you with your DNA testing in Dallas. 

Pre-Natal Paternity Testing Center Hours

Our testing centers are open seven days a week, so you can make an appointment that fits your schedule, but we only offer Pre-Natal testing on Friday's from 9:30 am to 3:00 PM. Our appointments are short—only about 15 minutes long—so even when things are hectic, our Dallas office can set up a convenient appointment for you. Once we have your sample, your job is done and we begin to work on the DNA testing results. 

Why Do DNA Testing?

People may need DNA testing for a number of reasons. One of the most common is determining paternity. This allows people to find out who their real father is, match possible siblings, and even determine if they are the parent of a child in question. Some other reasons DNA testing is done is for inheritances and determining if someone is related to be eligible for a specific inheritance, or if they are eligible for benefits from Social Security if their father has died and proper paternity has not been established. Our San Antonio office can help to answer all of these questions. 

Accuracy & Turn Around Time

Standard DNA testing provides an amazing accuracy of 99.999%, which is about as certain as possible. After proper and confidential sampling in our office, we contract through Laboratory Corporation of America or DDC, which is accredited through AABB and ISO 17025. With the utmost accuracy, we can answer questions that will provide little to no doubt moving forward. 

Standard Turn Around Time on Pre-Natal testing is 10 business days.


This test uses fetal DNA released from placental cells into the mother’s blood. Placental cells undergo a natural life cycle during the course of the baby’s development. As new cells grow, older cells slough off and disintegrate, releasing fetal DNA into the mother’s blood.

It is recommended to wait until 9 weeks gestational age before attempting to do this test. DDC does not require proof of gestational age, but the chances of detecting fetal DNA in the mother’s blood increases with the age of the fetus.

Because we are using free-floating fetal DNA instead of circulating fetal cells, previous pregnancies will not affect this test. Fetal DNA does not last long in the mother’s blood after the baby is born.

Likewise, a previous blood transfusion will not affect the test, as long as it was performed more than one week before the blood draw.

The risk associated with non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is no greater than any other blood draw that is performed on a pregnant woman during the course of her pregnancy.

This test does not provide any other genetic information about the fetus (eg. sex or inherited traits/disease markers).