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The advances in DNA testing has provided valuable answers about paternity or inheritances. Paternity, Inc. of Dallas can assist you in receiving answers to those questions and more. Our professional and courteous staff will provide assistance and confidentiality for you to get answers. 

DNA Testing Purposes

Most people are familiar with DNA testing to determine the paternity of a child. To some, determining who their father is can be a personal journey that they need the answer to. Paternity, Inc. of Dallas believes that answers should be available to anyone who wants them. Other reasons for DNA testing may be to determine if someone is related to a family for inheritance purposes or even for SS benefits if their father passes away. DNA testing can help these cases move forward where they would be stalled if these determining factors were not there.

Our Schedule Works for You

The Dallas office of Paternity, Inc. is open seven days a week to work around your busy schedule. Evening appointments are also available so that we are available to all who need our services. The appointment only takes five minutes, but the results can last a lifetime. Our staff creates trust in our patients by meeting their needs in a quick and efficient manner. 

How DNA Testing Works

DNA characteristics in a person take on each of the two parents. Once the sample is taken, it is compared to the mother and any other characteristics that do not match must match the father. Once the person you believe to be your father is tested, then DNA samples are compared to determine if they are a match. With these results, people can go forward with their lives without questions. 

Peace of Mind

Paternity, Inc. sends their DNA samples through Laboratory Corporation of America which is AABB and ISO 17025 accredited so patients are confident in the results. The accuracy is within 99.999% and it removes almost any uncertainty as to the results. Your confidentiality is preserved by our scheduling one person per hour so you have that privacy during your five minute collection process. 

Dallas Paternity Testing

If you have questions and need answers, our Dallas office of Paternity, Inc. can help you to find answers. We believe everyone should have the right to know who their family is. Contact us today to set up your appointment in our Dallas office. Phone Number: 214-854-0150