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Fort Worth Paternity Testing - TX DNA Test

Paternity Inc now offers mobile testing for the Fort Worth area 7 days a week.

For an appointment please 817-900-8570.

Determining paternity can help to answer questions where there are some. Whether it is attempting to determine the father of a child, determining siblings, or even checking someone’s legal ability to claim an inheritance. Even though there are various reasons to answer these questions, Paternity, Inc. always wants to provide resources to get those answers for you.

Available on Your Schedule

Our Fort Worth mobile collection site is open seven days a week and also offers evening appointments, so we can work around your schedule. Work and responsibilities can create scheduling conflicts, but Paternity, Inc. wants to help you work around those and still receive the information you are looking for. Our Fort Worth mobile testing works hard to create trust by delivering accurate and timely results for your DNA testing needs.

Reasons for DNA Testing

There are many reasons a DNA test may be done, but we absolutely understand your desire to get answers. Paternity, Inc. of Fort Worth can deal with all of the collections needed to complete the test. Some people are looking to determine paternity for child support and court cases, while others are just looking for their biological parent if they have been adopted. DNA testing can also determine if two people are related as siblings because of the same biological father. DNA testing can also help out in legal cases for determining if someone is a rightful heir of an inheritance or if they need to establish paternity for Social Security benefits after a parent has passed away.

Peace of Mind

Our collection station in Fort Worth performs DNA testing with Laboratory Corporation of America which is AABB and ISO 17025 accredited. Our results are 99.999% accurate removes almost all questions of the DNA results. With a quick five-minute collection process, you could be on your way to finding answers through DNA testing with Paternity, Inc.

How DNA Testing Works

Characteristics of a person take on a unique DNA profile inherited equally from each parent. When your DNA sample is taken, it is compared to your mother and any characteristics that do not match will match the biological father. Once we check the presumed father, then we can determine if we have the right match or not.

Paternity, Inc. of Fort Worth

For all of your DNA testing needs, our Fort Worth office can help you to get answers to questions you may have. Our reputation is built on the trust and privacy of the people providing samples and our success is based on our accurate results. Contact us today for an appointment.