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Pre-Natal Testing.

Posted on 13 May, 2018 at 20:35 Comments comments (4917)
Pre-Natal Testing:  Paternity Inc is now offering Pre-Natal Testing !!!  Cost for this test is $1499.00

Extended Hours

Posted on 6 July, 2016 at 0:33 Comments comments (751)
Now conducting paternity tests up to 9:00 PM.  Please call to schedule your appointment at 214-766-1336.

Time Frame for Paternity Test

Posted on 26 May, 2016 at 12:23 Comments comments (781)
Question 1:  How long does it take to receive your results.  Answer:  3 to 5 business days from time the lab receives test.  Example:  Test conducted on Monday before 5 pm and lab receives on Tuesday, you can expect your results at the earliest Friday and latest the following Tuesday.

Top 5 Reasons to get a Paternity Test

Posted on 9 October, 2014 at 0:02 Comments comments (982)
Top 5 Most Common Reasons for a Paternity Test
  • In cases where a man has a paternity suit filed against him, and is facing child support payments, it is important to establish what the biological relationship is between the man and child, whilst still making sure that the results are recognized in a court of law. Often, a man may be unaware of the child’s existence until a suit is filed, or he may doubt paternity for various reasons. In some cases, a mother may be keeping a child from its father, so he may file the suit in order to gain access. Either way, he would need a paternity test with legal bearing to prove or disprove the claim.
  • In inheritance cases, situations arise where unknown, or known but disputed, children lay claim to an inheritance. Whilst many of these may prove to be false, it is still wise to have a DNA paternity test carried out to clear up any doubts and be fair to all concerned. The same would also apply to a child laying claim to a mother’s estate, since DNA testing is not solely applicable to men.
  • In cases where a child has been adopted or conceived through donor conception, the child in question often grows up wanting to find his/her biological father. Following divorce cases where a mother gets sole custody, or in cases where a child has been raised by adopted parents, there is often a need, once the child grows up, to meet and have a relationship with their biological father. Paternity tests are an important step here to finding their “real” fathers.
  • Sibling cases come with their own challenges when it comes to testing. A paternity test on each sibling will determine if they share a common father, however, they would still require a paternity report to find out who that father is. In cases of twins, one cannot assume that they share the same father, since 1 in 12 twins worldwide have different fathers.
  • True identical twins, however, do share the same father since they have identical genetic codes and come from the same egg. This can, however, have its pitfalls later in life as if one of them is tested for the paternity of a child though a twins DNA test, the result can never be conclusive, since either one of them could be the father because of their identical DNA.
  • Social security and insurance claims also require proof of paternity when a father is deceased. Typically, in such, a medical examiner would obtain DNA posthumously and conduct a legal paternity test without the claimant needing to rely on other forms of evidence in order to convince a court that a biological relationship existed.
These are the most common reasons people have for needing a paternity test, and since accredited laboratories can now return a result of probability of paternity in excess of 99.9% it is legally recognized as the most accurate way to establish what biological relationship exists between people. At PATERNITY INC we offer a wide range of services that can cover all your testing requirements.  Please call for DNA Paternity Testing ASAP.

Reduced Prices

Posted on 8 October, 2014 at 10:40 Comments comments (267)
Paternity Inc - 6 DNA Test Dallas on 10/7.  Great day, everyone is taking advantage of our new lower prices.

Reduced Prices

Posted on 7 October, 2014 at 0:01 Comments comments (390)
Reduced prices $169 for informational paternity test Dallas, $249 for legal chain of custody paternity test Dallas.  Please call for an appointment.

Results of September 2014

Posted on 6 October, 2014 at 21:30 Comments comments (298)
Paternity Inc Dna Test performed 151 tests in September 2014.  Of the test conducted 83% returned a 0% match.  Contact Paternity Inc Dna Test today to get an appointment.